About TCIT

About TCIT

TCIT was founded on one simple concept : to promote international trade in today’s global village.

In addition, TCIT is the parent company of the TCA brand. TCA is a first tier supplier of a variety of Acrylic materials and products including Crystal Acrylic Tank, Public Displays, Pool Panels, and all kinds of Acrylic constructions. Our goal is to fully satisfy our customers by providing a variety of Acrylic materials and Acrylic finished goods to meet customer demands.

We at TCIT seek to help foreign and domestic companies penetrate the markets in Taiwan and China. Our resources, expertise, and network include Asian local TV Shopping Channels, local sales channel implementation, and established distribution channels - all of which you can leverage to expand into the markets of Taiwan and China to achieve your revenue goals!

Whether you are seeking to purchase our products or our services, we are confident that we can fulfill your demand and implement your business ideas to create a promising future for your company!

Please contact us and we will assign our experts to assist you!



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    TCA Acrylic Tank

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    Acrylic Constructions & Products

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    Bubble Water Wall

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