TCA Acrylic Tank

The "Crystal Acrylic Tank" is our ideal image of an aquarium tank and fish tank. Our goal is to build a tank that provides a seamless look which enhances the visual experience.
Unlike a glass tank and normal acrylic tank combined with silicon where you see combination lines on the joint of two glasses and the potential risk- tempered glass will be self-breakable, our "Crystal Acrylic Tank" is produced via our special technic
"polymerization" and using the best Acrylic materials that makes the tank look as flawless and clear as CRYSTAL!

Aquarium with TCA logo represented all HANDCRAFT with best quality!

We offer fixed sizes for standard mass production tanks and customized tanks with sizes larger than 180 gal. capacity.

Our standard sized aquarium are as follows:

Standard models:

Part-numSize (cm)Acrylic thickness (mm)

Caution !
Please do not use alcohol or any cleaning product to clean acrylic , please use pure water with Non-Woven Clean Wiper to clean the acrylic and make sure there are no any sand or hard material on the surface to avoid scratch or use professional acrylic cleaning product to clean your crystal acrylic tank.

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