Acrylic Pool Panel & Constructions

Tired of swimming in a box?
Using our Acrylic Pool Panel, you can enjoy a gorgeous view when swimming while giving your swimming pool a modern look. The panel thickness for your pool depends on your pool’s water pressure and its viewing area.
The largest single piece that TCA offers is 900cm x 300cm!
With our Acrylic Pool Panel installed, your pool can have the best viewing and swimming experience while enjoying first class safety. The size and shape of the Acrylic Pool Panel can be customized according to your specifications and demand.

Acrylic Constructions
TCA’s unique technology flawlessly combines Acrylic panel and sheet together, producing a more seamless look when compared with a normal tempered glass which combined by silicon.
This Acrylic Constructions technology provides safety and enhances the visual experience for everyone.
We can customize the Acrylic Constructions according to your project specifications and ideas. Please contact us for more information.

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