TCA 6th International Golf Invitation

2014 TCA 6th international golf invitational, a renowned golf competition in Asia invites our VIP customers to all come together to enjoy the game. This year, TCA highlights the “Swing to Win” brand image and “swing the distance and view the future” as this year’s slogan, corresponding to TCA’s persistence in delivering high quality, high clarity and consistency products and projects.

The game held on May 2nd, this year the 6 round tournament was held together with TCA’s new acrylic tank unveil event. Besides inviting existing TCA customers, TCA also invited NYD Jewels and design brand David Cheung to hold a special fashion show to entertain VIP customers.

This year TCA also offered one 8 feet tank for first player who hits a double eagle, won by Sincere Tooling Company CEO Chi in Taipei. Like past years, there was also the hole in one reward to get the CAT90 acrylic tank.

Last but not least, to make all customers feel the best luxurious experience, TCA has cooperated with NYD Jewels and British designer brand David Cheung Jewels to let all our customer dive into the world of precious color stones to compare with TCA’s crystal like acrylic tanks. Furthermore the event was closed by Jiu Hong Technologies Ltd Sales Director Mr. Steve Shen’s inspiring speech after the game.