Genuine or Authentic product ?

To all TCA customer:

It has brought to our attention that due to the rampant of piracy, we have been receiving the several questions (as following) from our customers side:

Q1: Is my product under TCA production?
Q2: Is my product authentic?
Q3: What if I accidentally purchased counterfeit product?
Q4: What should I do if I am facing the security and legal issues on the counterfeit products?

Materials and structural are the biggest concerns for the counterfeit products . They are mostly made of inferior recycle used material which might produce toxins that is harmful to human body. Its unstable structure also causes color deterioration and the collapse of the product itself. Therefore, we truly suggest our custom to purchase the genuine TCA (Stander/ Customized) products for a better and more secure quality.

TCA Acrylic Tank (Aquarium) have distributors and trademark registered throughout the globe. Please be aware that unauthorized production or distribution will be count as infringement of our products' copyrights and may give rise to criminal prosecution.

Below are few tips for you to inspect whether the product you have is genuine:

Stander product - the stander tank will always have a TCA respective brand marks on the bottom left corner of the display side. If the product itself doesn't have our band mark printed, it is most likely a forgery. (Please be aware that counterfeit brand mark could be possible as well.)

Customized products - Due to the different requirements on the customized product, the TCA respective brand marks that's on tank does not always shown on the bottom left corner of the display side. Please note, that all the TCA products and shipping information have been documented. If you have any consideration on the authenticity of our products, please contact TCA directly for further information.

In addition to the above methods, please feel free to contact TCA for further assistances . We will help you to identify whether the commodities were produce under our production to protect your rights.