Acrylic Feature

For caring acrylic need to be cleaned with a save cleaner , no ammonia and chemical material , better to use clean water and soft cloth or super micro fiber cloth.
For the inside surface cleaning must be sure no any grains of gravel to be picked up since that could scratch the inside surface.

Due to the technic we build acrylic together via chemically bonding which can make acrylic panels become one continuous piece of material whereas glass are made of several pieces bonded with silicone. The area and point at which the glass joined together are the weakest points of the aquarium and tank because the silicone will be weaken during time goes by.
Acrylic aquariums and tanks are very durable and won’t crack or break like normal glass. Even though acrylic can be scratch but the scratches also can be removal and recovered to be crystal again. If you are careful with cleaning and maintaining you should not have any above problems to worry about.

Acrylic’s transparency rating variety from 90% - 93% which is more clear than normal glass(75%), this allows your vision of the aquatic life inside the tank to be more realistic and makes your fish looks more sharper and brighter.
For some supplier’s acrylic will be yellow wish within 1 year, that’s because they used recycled material and we only use new material hence there will be no such problem happen to TCA acrylic tank.

Our acrylic can be formed into any shape or size whereas glass can’t do.
We are able to shape the acrylic tank and aquarium customized to fits and installed into your interior design no matter it’s for residential or commercial usage

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