Acrylic Sheet Supply

All kind of design usage acrylic sheet TCA supplies!

We offer maximum safety for products which can even reach the level to against highly water pressure and we supply acrylic for different fields of applications.

* Colourless sheet
* Colour sheet
* Pressure resistance sheet
* Sound-stop sheet
* Projection sheet

Request from tailormade, durably brilliant solutions you are looking for, we provides a high clear viewing experience and brilliance to a variety of objects, protects against rain, sunlight and even stormy weather, also can take care extreme pressure and heat, with it's break-resistant this kind of special acrylic sheets, tubes can be use in every kind of design and surely we provide it with different colour.

You may contact us to let us know what you are looking for and what's your great design for your project, we will offer best solutions and best material around the world to make your idea perfect!

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